Windows 10 will be updated following the example of Windows 7 and Windows XP. Microsoft will smooth the corners of the windows.

Windows 10 will round up noticeably next year.

Microsoft will slightly retouch the look of Windows 10, and will do it like Windows 7, Vista, and XP. We are talking about the rounded corners of the windows.

Microsoft Teams rounded corner

Before the transition to the Metro art style, which debuted in Windows 8, the Aero style was used, of which the rounded corners of the windows were apart. After the release of Windows 8, it was as if someone walked through the Windows interface with a circular saw – everything became strictly parallel and perpendicular. And now Microsoft has announced its desire to return to the old style.

Teams mockup

As the company explained in a document posted on Github, the updated WinUI will bring rounded corners for top-level windows and pop-ups. Still, the implementation of such a display option will depend on the developers’ wishes.

The old new window look will appear in custom versions of Windows in the second half of 2021. Still, it will be previously tested in various channels of the Microsoft system, including the channel for developers. It is expected that the visual innovation will be implemented in preliminary builds of the system in the spring of next year.

Source: Windowslatest

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