How To Download Mega Files with no Limits

Downloading files can have its limits with many of the free online cloud services such as Google Drive and Mega. In this post, we will show you how to download Mega files with no limits. If you have similar issues with Google Drive, we created this post to give users a solution with download limitations.

Mega began as a popular way for users to share files on the internet. As it grew in popularity, privacy and access became more and more of an issue. In the early 2010’s they began to encrypted client-side using the AES algorithm. With this measure implemented, Mega does not have the encryption keys to uploaded files, and therefore they cannot decrypt and view the content. With this level of security Mega has become a top choice for many users. This end to end encryption and gives users a easy and safe way to distribute files online.

Required Applications to Install

To download files on Mega with no limits, you will need a few tools to have installed. First you need a download manager, any will do, we are choosing to use the open source tool Xtreme Download Manager. You can get a copy on GitHub or click on the link below. The second tool we will need is Mega Downloader Version 1.8. We need this version specifically because it will convert the Mega download URL to a Streaming URL. This step is crucial for a successful download. There are many places to download version 1.8, but be very careful of your source. There are many version online with Malware or Trojans embedded in the file. To make thinks easy we created the links below for easy access. Both are required for this method.

Xtreme Download Manager

Mega Downloader (version 1.8)

After installing both applications, we are ready to download our large file.

Steps to Download Files with No Limits

First, find the URL of the file you want to download from Mega, highlight the address and copy it.

Next we want to open up the Mega Downloader (version 1.8) application, navigate to the Options menu and select Configuration.

In the Configuration window, select the Streaming tab, and below ensure that the option ‘Use streaming server‘ is checked. Then click on Save, and the window will close.

Next, in the main window of Mega Downloader, go to the Streaming menu, and select ‘Watch online‘.

Now can PASTE the file address from Mega into the ‘MEGA URL Link‘. Below it will automatically generate a Streaming URL link below. Highlight the new Streaming URL link and copy it.

Open up the Xtreme Download Manager application. In the File menu and select the ‘Add URL’ option.

Xtreme Download Manager may automatically paste the address we copied into the Address field, but if it doesn’t, you can click on the field and use keys CTRL +V to paste it in. Once the address is in, click on DOWNLOAD NOW, and your file will begin to download.

That was the final step to downloading Mega Files without download limitations. If you have any questions, put them in the comments below and we will do our best to try and answer them. If you want to download the newer and updated version of the Mega Sync application, can find our installation video here.

Visual Step by Step Guide – Download Mega Files with No Limits

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