iPhone 12 Pro Max not recommended for purchase due to ongoing pandemic

The situation may change only in a year, when the iPhone 13 appears on the market.

The Neowin website published a review of the flagship smartphone iPhone 12 Pro Max, the author of which cannot recommend it for purchase due to at least one thing – the lack of a fingerprint scanner.

The editor of the edition, Rich Woods, said that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is ideal in almost every way. It has high-speed hardware, a good design, an almost perfect display, and one of the best cameras. Everything would be fine if not for the pandemic.

Now there is a pandemic, and most of us have to wear masks when we go outside. If I open OneNote in a supermarket to view a shopping list, I have to enter my PIN like a barbarian. Seriously, for a company that claims it cares about various issues, launching a smartphone without a fingerprint scanner is very strange. For this reason, I cannot recommend buying it. If this pandemic ends and we return to a world where facial recognition can be limited, I will recommend the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Until that happens, however, this device should remain on the “do not buy” list.

Rich Woods

The observer suggested that the situation could only change in a year, when the iPhone 13 appears on the market.

Source: Neowin

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