Here the server times for the most commonly used for Among Us

For many users, staying connected to Among Us servers can be challenging. Because of the increased popularity of the game, users are getting frequently disconnected in the middle of playing. One thing you can do is to switch the server that you are connected to. By selecting a server in the opposite time zone than you can dramatically increase your stability, allowing you to play for longer periods of time. The trade-off is high ping times, but that doesn’t seem to impact the overall gameplay.  To ensure you have a wide open connection, you can also disable Windows Defender. Only do this if you are completely comfortable. 

The below are Among Us Server Locations and their local times that will help users connect to one that is in the opposite time zone. Typically you want to connect to a server that is in the middle of the night or early in the morning. These will have the fewest disconnection rates. We’ve added India to the Among Us Server Times, because we were told there might be one opening up soon, but is not currently active.

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Milti-Timezone Clock
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Here is our Youtube video showing it in practice:

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