Xbox Series X confidently beat Google Stadia in a new test.

With further optimization from Google, Stadia can close the gap.

Cloud gaming services, according to the creators, should offer modern, high-quality games to users of almost any device using streaming technology. One of these services is Google Stadia.

Google is continually touting the speed of Stadia. Compared to the previous generation PS4 and Xbox One consoles, the difference was in favor of Google Stadia, but now the next generation consoles are on the market.

On the YouTube channel, Cloud Gaming Xtreme published a comparison of the download speed of games in Google Stadia and on Xbox Series X. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Watch Dogs: Legion, and Sniper Elite 4 took part in the test. The key features of the new consoles are ultra-fast solid-state drives.

In the first test with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Google Stadia launched the game in 1 minute 3 seconds, while Xbox Series X was just one second behind. But in all other tests, the Xbox Series X was the winner. Destiny 2 takes 1:18 to launch on Xbox Series X and 1:30 to Google Stadia. Watch Dogs starts at 1:02 am on Xbox Series X and 1:23 pm on Google Stadia. For Sniper Elite 4, the results were 35 seconds and 1 minute 4 seconds on Xbox Series X and Google Stadia.

Presumably, with further optimization from Google, Stadia can close the gap. Simultaneously, cloud services have their advantages: you do not need to install the games themselves, update and think about free space.


Source: YouTube

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