The last quarter of 2020 was the richest for Apple in the past few years. The hardware innovations prepared in Cupertino turned out to be so iconic that it was impossible not to devote a separate event to them. All events were not broadcast live, but in recording, but this did not stop Apple from informing fans and journalists about the planned events in advance. However, the announcement, which was prepared in Cupertino for today, became known only a few hours ago.

Apple has a big announcement scheduled for today, January 13th. This was stated by the CEO of the company Tim Cook in an interview with CBS journalists. He did not elaborate on what they plan to announce in Cupertino but specified that the announcement would take place in the morning PST.

What will Apple Announce on January 13?

Obviously, this is not a new product. Many IT journalists and industry analysts agree on this. Still, usually, Apple prepares for the release in advance and therefore notifies about plans to hold an event at least a week in advance so that everyone can get ready. Of course, the company announces new items outside the presentation from time to time, limiting itself to a press release. But in this case, no one from the leadership makes any preliminary hints, and there is nothing special to release now. So, the point is definitely something else.

Here are the most popular versions of what Apple will announce today:

  • Introducing new security requirements to iOS
  • Turning Apple Store into COVID-19 Vaccination Centers
  • Introduction of new measures to track COVID-19 patients
  • App Store changes after Trump supporters take over the Capitol
  • Organization of collection of signatures for the introduction of a new law
  • Tim Cook will step down as CEO, giving it up to someone else

Apple and US politics

Most likely, the new announcement has something to do with politics. In any case, Cook himself hinted at this, who during the interview talked a lot about the capture of the US Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump, who was not elected for a new presidential term.

Tim Cook condemned the takeover of the Capitol by Trump supporters. Perhaps the announcement will be somehow related to this event.

I think it is very important that people are held accountable for what happened in the US Capitol last week. This is not something to be indulged in. This is something that you need to take with due seriousness and understand how to live with it and move forward. I think that no one can stand above the law, because we are a country where the rule of law is proclaimed. In my opinion, everyone who took part in the seizure should be held accountable, ”Cook said.

It’s hard to say what kind of initiative was planned in Cupertino. In the end, it would be strange to introduce new rules for publishing applications in the App Store due to the takeover of the Capitol, as well as to re-announce the tightening of user tracking rules, especially since this was already mentioned earlier. On the other hand, Apple, not being a government agency, does not have the right to introduce bills but can only create a petition that is unlikely to change anything in the short term. Therefore, it is difficult to speak about something unambiguously. Let’s see.

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