Skype 8.66 update is available to ordinary users

Microsoft has begun distributing an important update to Skype for ordinary users. Three weeks earlier, the Skype 8.66 update became available to participants in the Skype Insider Preview test program. 

The update expands the number of possible participants in a group video call from fifty to a hundred (from 50 to 100 people). This brings Skype closer to competing with Zoom, a video conferencing service that has become hugely popular amid the pandemic. At the same time, Microsoft Teams currently provides video calls for 300 participants. 

In addition, Skype 8.66 fixes several annoying bugs and shortcomings, including problems with downloading files, automatically switching the interface language to English, and so on. 

Skype 8.66 with support for hundreds of participants is available on all major platforms including PC, web and mobile.


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