Microsoft will “copy” one of the main technologies of the PlayStation 5 controller? The company patented tactile feedback technology

It deals with adaptive triggers!

According to many journalists, bloggers and gamers, almost the main innovation of the PlayStation 5 is its DualSense controller. More specifically, two of its new technologies: adaptive triggers and a new feedback system.

At the same time, the controller of the new Xbox Series X not only cannot boast of anything like that, but in general has changed little relative to its predecessor.

Perhaps Microsoft understood the beauty of DualSense and decided to create something similar. At least a patent has appeared on the Web concerning Force Feedback technology. The technology deals with triggers, and implies that they will work in much the same way as in the Sony controller, that is, change the force depending on the situation.

In fact, the patent, as stated in it, was filed back in 2017. That is, long before Sony’s announcement. Whether Microsoft knew about the capabilities of DualSense at that time is unknown, but at this stage it is not particularly important. All that matters is whether Microsoft will actually release a new controller with this technology and when to expect it.

 Source: Reddit

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