And is considering developing a PC processor!

The source learned that Microsoft is developing its own processor for use in the servers running its cloud services. According to whistleblowers, the processor is based on Arm architecture, familiar with the world’s largest software maker’s plans. Also, Microsoft is exploring the possibility of creating a processor for the Surface line of personal computers. Since this is unofficial information, informants asked Bloomberg not to be named.

The development will reduce Microsoft’s dependence on third-party vendors and allow it to keep up with competitors in the cloud computing market, such as, which is also working in this direction. It is believed that proprietary processors can better meet cloud computing challenges, providing cost and performance advantages over the generic solutions that Intel primarily offers.

Microsoft’s Chip Development Division reports to Jason Zander, head of Azure’s cloud business. Microsoft and Arm representatives declined to comment on the announcement that Microsoft is working on processors for servers and PCs. The source refers to the fact that the company has been actively luring the relevant specialists from Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and Qualcomm to indirect confirmation that such work is underway.

Source: Bloomberg

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