Users will be able to create them based on their own information.

Microsoft has announced the launch of new features for Excel, an office spreadsheet application.

According to the developers, this is a real evolution of Excel – it allows you to turn Excel from a tool for working with data into an even smarter service that “understands” information.

New types of data are available in Excel that users can create from their information. For example, you can import a structured array into a program and classify its type as “client”. To do this, you will need to publish your data to Power BI or use the Power Query add-in.

Until now, only a formula or a specific value could be entered into one cell. In one cell, much more information is placed, connected to various sources, which will change in real-time. To work with this data, you do not need to return to the source continued. For example, you can import data for Seattle and use a formula that contains information about the city’s population. If it changes, the value in the cell will also change. Thus, the user sees not just a number but knows where it came from.

Also, Microsoft is expanding its collaboration with the Wolfram Alpha Question Answering Service to give users access to hundreds of new types of external data previews. Plus, new smart templates will help you get started quickly with these types of data. This allows users to add useful information to their analytics, such as chemistry, zip codes, nutrition, historical events, and even genetics.

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