A Melbourne (Australia) resident sues Apple for a burned-out iPhone. The local edition of Seven News reports it.

Scientist Robert De Rose turned to lawyers to form a lawsuit against the IT giant. The dispute will be the iPhone Xs, which burned in the pocket of De Rose’s trousers. The man said that he felt pain in the thigh area, then heard a pop and hiss: “I jumped up and immediately realized that my phone was on.”

De Rose tried to quickly remove the device from his pocket and toss it on the ground. After the incident, he suffered second-degree burns and damaged clothes. “There was ash everywhere; the skin on my leg peeled off,” the victim said. The device caught fire in 2019, but Apple, according to the man, refused to consider his case after the Australian contacted the company.

The law firm Carbone Lawyers will handle the claim of the iPhone Xs user. De Rose said that he was outraged by Apple’s lack of reaction, intends to receive compensation, and warn millions of owners of smartphones of the American brand of the possible danger.

The representative of the law firm told reporters that in addition to De Rose’s case, the court would consider the claim of another user of the technology of the American corporation. Earlier, Carbone Lawyers was contacted by a Melbourne resident who complained that his Apple Watch had overheated and harmed him.

An Apple spokesman said the company takes user safety very seriously. The corporation’s lawyers have already familiarized themselves with the smartphone owners’ claims and watch.

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