A Microsoft spokesman spoke about the next generation of Windows. Windows Central reports this.

In his speech at the conference in 2021, Ignite, director of Microsoft products Panos Panay (Panos Panay), said that the coming new generation of Windows. “The future of Windows is incredible. This is what we will show to users by all means, ”Panay emphasized. The corporation’s representatives noted that the OS is used by more than a billion people worldwide, and Windows helps them be productive.

The company’s top management did not disclose the operating system’s new features and refused to announce the approximate timing of the release of the next OS versions. However, in a conversation with other conference participants, Panos Panay noticed that he was very excited, as he was eager to share the news about Windows.

According to journalists, in his speech, Panay hinted that the release of new Microsoft products would occur before the end of the year. The authors also said that there is information from sources that the corporation has already planned a large event with invited representatives of the press. However, the date of its holding has not been announced.

Earlier it became known that Microsoft is working on a major update to Windows 10, code-named Sun Valley. The release of the product will take place in the fall. Also, from March to July, the American company should release Windows 10X – a special version of the operating system for low-performance computers.

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