MacBook Air with miniLED display will be released in 2022

According to a new report from DigiTimes, Apple will introduce a MacBook Air with a miniLED display in 2022.

Earlier, the first device with a new display would be the iPad Pro – it will be presented in March this year, and in the fall, Apple will update the MacBook Pro 16 and introduce a 14-inch version. Due to new products, the company will increase its share in the processor market by about 7%.

MiniLEDs are thinner, more contrasty, and more energy-efficient than IPS panels. Do not confuse miniLED with microLED: the first is the backlight, the second is the completely new screens.

MiniLED backlit displays are equipped with various LEDs, which allows you to divide the screen into more sections and adjust the brightness of individual blocks, which means black will be black and white will be whiter.

By comparison, Apple’s Pro Display XDR uses just 576 LEDs to enhance the display, while the new MacBook and iPad will have over 100,000 LEDs.

Source: DigiTimes

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