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Instagram will by default close profiles of teens under 16

From June 28, Instagram will strengthen the protection of teenagers’ accounts – from that day on, all pages of users under 16 will be closed by default. This means that only those approved by the page owner will be able to view photos and other content from these profiles. The social network told about this in its blog.

Despite this, teenagers will be able to open access to the profile through the settings – the corresponding item will still be available for them. However, those adult users who will receive complaints from minors will no longer access children’s pages on social networks at all.

Another new restriction related to children will affect advertisers. Instagram will reduce tools for targeting ads to users under the age of 18, in particular, advertisers will not be able to serve ads to minors based on their interests or the pages they are viewing. Only age, gender, and geolocation will be available for targeting.



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