Sometimes, when you try to access a specific series or movie on a streaming platform, such as YouTube or Netflix, you’ll see a message saying you don’t have access to the content or the service is unavailable to your country. Fortunately, users found a way to go over this restriction and enjoy a variety of content globally. A virtual private network (VPN) is a famous tool for enhancing online privacy and security, but nowadays, it’s becoming more of a tool that can surpass content geo-restrictions worldwide.

VPNs and Online Streaming

A significant percentage of VPN users only use their private network to access geo-restricted shows and movies. If you’ve been having a hard time watching shows and movies that are available in different countries, you may greatly benefit from a VPN subscription. However, you must ensure that the VPN service you’ll subscribe to offers an auto-blocking feature for internet service provider (ISP) throttling, unlimited bandwidth, and maximum connection speed. By ensuring these features, you can have a smooth phone, laptop, and TV streaming experience in at least 720p without buffering.

Why Do Streaming Services Establish Geographical Restrictions?

One of the main reasons for content geo-restriction is copyright laws. The owners of rights of these streaming services vary by location, and airing content in regions where it does not have rights would be illegal. Furthermore, the owner of a streaming right may provide the same services under a different label in different regions. That’s why other streaming platforms, like Netflix, offer a different content library specifically tailored for the users. But other streaming services that only focus on providing a service to a specific region will likely restrict outsiders from accessing their offered content.

Six Steps to Streaming Geo-Restricted Movies and TV Shows

  1. Turn On Your VPN and Check If the Connection is Successful

The very first thing you’ll need to do is switch your VPN software on and activate the private connection. You can verify if the connection is secured by checking your current IP address. If you don’t know your regular IP address, it’s best to check your IP address before turning on your VPN. With this, you will be able to compare the two and properly verify if you are already connected to the private network.

  • Perform a Quick Speed Test

Most VPNs can affect the speed of your internet connection. If you are not subscribed to a premium VPN software or your chosen provider does not offer maximum connection speeds, you will likely have an awful time loading your favorite movie or TV show. By doing a speed test as you connect to the private network, you’ll know if it’s suitable for streaming TV shows and movies.

  • Choose Your Desired Server

When you open the VPN application, you will see a list of countries you can choose from. So if you have a specific movie or TV series in mind, you likely know which countries it’s available. But if you like just to browse content libraries from different countries, you can pick whichever you like. However, don’t expect to see a long list of Canadian movies and TV shows on the UK server and vice versa. Once you have selected your chosen server, you will have easy access to their content library, even if it’s originally unavailable in your country.

  • Access Your Online Streaming Platform

After settling your private network, it’s time to open your preferred streaming platform. There are many streaming services you can choose from, but it’s up to you what service to choose, depending on your preferences. You can go for free streaming sites or paid streaming sites. For example, Hulu is one of the most preferred streaming platforms in the United States because it offers both free and paid videos to watch. If you want to access this service outside the United States, you can use your private network. However, if the streaming service requires a subscription, you must first subscribe before accessing the shows.

  • Complete the Registration and Payment Process (Only If Necessary)
    Most geo-restricted streaming websites and platforms will only let you access their content once you register or subscribe to their service. In this case, you’ll need to complete the sign-up process and verify your email address. Other sites offer free streaming just soon after you register. But on some sites, you’ll have to pay for their service first. If you were asked to subscribe, you’d have to proceed with the payment process using a US address or the local address where you want to use the service. After the transaction, you’ll have immediate access to their content library, whether you want to watch on your phone or your smart TV.
  • Browse and Enjoy Movies and TV Shows Worldwide

Now that you’ve got everything settled, all you need to do is start streaming any film you like. If your streaming service requires a plugin or an application, install it right away as per the instruction and enjoy a better streaming experience. Most streaming service providers allow their users to stream on different devices, from personal computers and laptops to mobile phones and smart TVs. But keep in mind that you will also need to activate the VPN software on the device you want to use for watching movies and shows.

Fortunately, most VPN apps are easy to install on most devices. The activation process is usually the same for different devices. But to make sure, don’t forget to check your IP address before and after turning on your VPN and compare them if it changed or not.

With a reliable VPN, it’s highly possible for anyone to bypass any region-locked content, allowing you to access millions of movies and shows from different countries. Additionally, you also enhance your online security and privacy as you browse the web by using a VPN. With the many benefits you can get from a VPN software, you can get the most out of your subscription every month. So, begin your search for the best VPN for streaming today, and start a better binge-watching weekend!


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