When you receive an assignment, it is often the case that speed is of the essence. Nearly every assignment has a deadline, and often enough that deadline is looming the moment the paper is assigned. For many students, this can quickly become a crisis. The reason for that is that students have a large number of competing priorities. Students often have to balance writing essays against other demands on their time, including jobs, family obligations, studying, extracurriculars, social time, and more. With each deadline ticking down like a time bomb, you need to figure out how to do your assignments quickly and professionally.

In this article, we’ll take a look at ten tips to help you do your assignments quickly and professionally. So, what do you need to do to write faster and more effectively?

Start the assignment

This might seem like the most obvious tip, but you won’t get anything done quickly if you don’t actually start it. Avoid procrastination and get started on each assignment when it is assigned. Just by making the effort to begin the writing process, you will be one step closer to overcoming your hesitation to get started, particularly on the hardest assignments, the ones we are most likely to put off.

Set aside a dedicated area for work

Creating a dedicated workspace will help to put you in the mindset to get your assignments done quickly and efficiently. IF you try to work in the midst of clutter, with things all over the place and distractions all around, you are less likely to complete your assignments. Make sure your workspace is clean, organized, and ready for you to use to create your assignments.

Avoid distractions

zThe biggest time suck during the writing process is distractions. According to some studies, a 30 second distraction can take a full five minutes to recover from. When you are ready to work on your assignments, you should make every effort to cut out distractions. Turn off notifications on your phone—or, better yet, turn the phone off—and close out any unnecessary apps on your laptop. There are even some apps and programs that can lock your devices to force you to focus on the task at hand. You don’t have to go into full lockdown mode, but the fewer distractions the better. 

Manage your time wisely

Too many students end up writing their papers in the dead of night, a few hours before they are due. That’s because they aren’t managing their time effectively. You need to manage your days by setting aside dedicated assignment writing time each day. By making writing assignments part of your daily routine, you’ll be in a better position to stay motivated and get work done fast.

Begin with the hardest assignment first

Tackling the most difficult assignment off the bat is an easy way to make the work go faster. First, you’ll be freshest when you are working on the most challenging material, giving you an extra burst of energy and speed where you need it most. Second, you will be more motivated because the work is going to get easier and easier, helping you to maintain your speed and momentum.

Break down work into smaller tasks

Some assignments can seem overwhelming if you try to do them all at once, either because they are very long or very hard. When you are faced with a seemingly impossible task, try breaking it down into shorter, more manageable tasks. That way you can make incremental progress while feeling a sense of accomplishment as you check each item off the list on the way to finishing the full assignment

Take regular breaks

This one might be a little counterintuitive, but building breaks into your work time can help to keep your mind sharp. A five-minute break every half hour will help you to reset your mind and approach your paper with fresh eyes, so you can work faster. 

Reward yourself for accomplishments

Another way to motivate yourself to go faster and do more is to reward yourself for the good work that you do. Set goals, and when you meet those goals, give yourself a predetermined reward. For example, you might treat yourself to a favorite candy after completing an outline, or purchase a new video game after finishing your writing. It doesn’t have to be monetary. You could reward yourself with TV time or a bubble bath.

Avoid multitasking

Studies have shown that multitasking reduces the effectiveness of our work because we get distracted and can’t switch between tasks as effectively as we think we can. Instead, try to focus on tasks sequentially. That means that you should do one at a time and do only that task during the time for that task.

Seek professional help

A final way to get your assignment done fast is to pay someone online to do your homework for you. Many students, when confronted with tough STEM projects or challenging English essays, say, “I wish someone would do my assignment for me online!” With the help of assignment experts from a homework service like MyAssignmentLab, you can get custom-written projects that will help you to see how an expert would approach your topic. This will help you to save time and effort as you do your own assignment in college or university.


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