Creative people might often have spontaneous ideas that sometimes appear on the go. That is why mobile apps for bloggers are extremely important as they tend to make their lives much more flexible. Those creators that use iPhones can find a variety of blog apps for iOS in the dedicated AppStore. A blogger app for iPhone could help to create content on the go and review it regardless of the place just directly from your smartphone. Read this article to find out the best iPhone blogging apps and their benefits.

What is a blog app for iOS?

Given that mobile use for personal and business purposes has overtaken that of desktop computers, Android and iOS have become well-known mobile operating systems. Those two are the most frequently used in smartphones, however, this article focuses on the useful blogger app for iPhone.

Similar to how it works with the Android app, the iOS user might find and download an amazing iPad and iPhone blogging app. In the case of iOS, just go to the AppStore search for the official iPhone blogging app and start downloading it. However, prior to doing this, have a look at the section below with the list of apps for bloggers.

So, let’s go back to the definition related to a blog app iOS itself. A typical blogger app for iPhone is a tool dedicated to writing content and blog website creation. Some iPhone blogger apps are dedicated to the off page SEO promotion for Google.

Top apps for bloggers in 2022

As technology makes a great leap each year, the number of tools and apps increases in geometric progression as well. Here you will find a must-have blog app iOS and many useful tools that will simplify and speed up your blogger workflow.


Everyone knows the website builder platform called WordPress which is free to use both on the web and as an app. This platform allows for building your blog from scratch and developing it onward over time.

The developers of WordPress decided to create a dedicated app for iOS in order to make busy people do their tasks on the go. Whether you are in a taxi, airplane, or simply relaxing in the yard, you can instantly do all the necessary actions with the website right away via the mobile app.

The WordPress application for iOS allows for drafting blog articles and editing them. It also provides the option to review the content and monitor the website statistics. You can also add images, videos, and other elements and then preview the page instantly after the update.

SEO Edge

This is another free blogger app for iPhone and iPad running the iOS operating system. This tool is particularly designed to monitor the search rankings on Google and other search engines for your website.

One of the options provided in SEO Edge is the possibility to observe how your blog website performs for certain keywords. This helps to define which keywords perform well and which ones should be optimized.

SEO Edge app also shows Alexa and backlinks for each website. Keep in mind that you can create more backlinks at any time to enhance your website’s ranking and strengthen its visibility on the web.


Keeping all your manuscripts together no longer needs a lot of space. Instead, you can benefit from using the Werdsmith application that practically offers creative studio premises for you.

The application is really user-friendly and is easy to use even for those who have little to no experience working with text editors. It keeps all your works and allows you to format them by selecting an appropriate style. There is also an option to set the daily word count goal, so the spirit of motivation is also in the place.

Besides having created a great writing studio, Werdsmith developers have also taken care of security. You can set a password for your writing directly in the application so that all your creative works will surely preserve intellectual property rights.

Creative Writer

Another outstanding tool for creators is called Creative Writer which is available on the AppStore. Its name stands for itself and the features it contains for people who are fond of writing or those who do it for living.

A characteristic of the Creative Writer app for iPhone is that it throws a list of related words while you are working on the text. The AI-based core suggests relevant synonyms, antonyms, and adjectives that could make your text brighter. The Creative Writer is a hidden gem for creative people who would want to make their readers glued to screens while reading.


Taking selfie photos and improving them has never been so easy. With the Facetune app, you can take full control over your photo retouching and editing abilities to get more confidence and fun.

Facetune appeared in 2013 and since then, it has become a favorite app for selfie lovers and professional photographers all over the world. More than 110 million people are currently using Fatune and its brand-new version Facetune2.

Facetune is an excellent app for photographers and can be used by professional retouchers to smooth out skin, fix bad lighting, add vibrant tones, control shadows, contour faces, whiten teeth, and enhance make-up.

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play for free. However, you can purchase a VIP subscription for a month. It allows for the access to a more complete and powerful collection of tools for selfie retouching and photo editing. The upgraded user experience will provide you with more ease and convenience while taking care of your photos and making them more fabulous and glamorous.

A variety of retouching tools will help enthusiastic creators, bloggers, and Instagram users to make selfies and photos completely growing. New filters, Light FX, Relight, face, Text & Brushes, and other tools will add more precision and flow to your images.

BlogTouch Pro

This iOS application is dedicated to making blogging activity faster and more streamlined. Available for iPhone, iPad, and even Mac computers, BlogTouch Pro helps to manage multiple blogs and edit comments and posts.

If you have an outstanding blog that already performs well, then you may think of offering guest places for those who want to write guest articles for it. On the contrary, if you aim to promote your blog further, contact Adsy service for help with searching online resources that would want to publish your guest post.

Whatever blog you have, it would be always easier to manage it on the go with the BlogTouch Pro iOS app. Start writing a new blog, edit the existing one, or insert multimedia items away directly from your smartphone.


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