In my recent video, how to install MSI Afterburner in Windows 11, I mentioned that I would provide links to download MSI Afterburner. You will find those and all other links in this post.

At times, the official site and hosting for this file goes offline, or is not available for some unexplained reason. Many users have commented about this on YouTube, so I made some mirror copies. I recommend ALWAYS downloading from the source, so you get the latest up to date version. At the time of this post, December 2021, version 4.6.4 is the most current.

Below I have provided download links for the software. I am host two copies of the same file. One is on Google Drive the other is on Mega.

Download Links

Are you having issues with the installation? Here is a How To Install MSI Afterburner guide, that walks you through the complete installation.

Helpful Videos Related to MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner On Screen Display:
How to Download MSI Afterburner:
Fix MSI Afterburner Fan Control:

How to install MSI Afterburner in Windows 11

YouTube Guide


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