Customer service providing employees is the leading representative of your brand. It pays to keep them fully trained and equipped. But their fast-paced jobs make it challenging for them to take time out for training. 

Microlearning ensures you give the proper training to your customer support representatives at the right time. 

Training needs to be different when you are given to those who support your customers. You might want to offer core training in sales skills, product knowledge, tools, and processes. Or you may need a quick update. In both cases, Microlearning is a solution. 

Why should you be using Microlearning? 

Microlearning is a concise training offered in short-spurts of course content. Can be completed within minutes, remotely. 

Such training is used around various industries and serves several needs. While it might work in a different approach in every case, the results are consistent. 

The most apparent benefit of Microlearning is convenience. Small chunks of learning fit appropriately around the hectic schedules, and learners can engage whenever it fits their schedule. 

There are more reasons which make Microlearning the best fit for your customer service training initiatives. 

  • Microlearning is Digestible

Lessons are broken down into short spurts. It covers a single concept or one skill at a time. This laser-like approach focuses on removing distractions and makes it easy for learners. 

As it gives full attention to content, learning becomes more effective. When learners can focus entirely on one concept, they tend to retain it better. 

  • It boosts employee retention.

Learning retention is one of the major concerns of any training initiative. Convenience and costing are crucial considerations, but it might miss out on the value if employees don’t retain the skill and knowledge they want to learn. 

When it comes to important information and skills, it is best not to overwhelm the employees with much data. Lessons broken down in short modules with lesser points are easier to learn and retain and more straightforward to recall when needed.  

  • Offers in-time updates and information

Measuring the effectiveness is a significant need of today’s corporate training. Training and learning programs in an organization can be a lengthy and costly process. This holds when you are working with employees in more than one location. 

If you are willing to share change in process or product with a complete organization, employee training is a perfect medium. With Westnet Learning, get easy-to-use, customizable learning designed for growing the workforce. 

Target learning highlighting only the rolled out changes across the departments or teams without barging the work schedules. It is easy and quick as it doesn’t involve tracking and coordinating trainers. It provides just what is required at that time. 

  • Cost-effective and faster to create

eLearning offers a potential saving on travel costs and valuable employee time away from work. Shorter and self-contained content is easier to design and produce. 

A mobile learning and training initiative designed mainly to help you develop, manage, and acknowledge Microlearning. It makes the training course delivery quick and affordable. 

Who is Microlearning for? 

It’s for everyone. Short chunks of training courses are an effective solution for many learning requirements. But, it is ideal for customer service professionals.  

Salespeople who spend their working hours focused on sales funnels and customers, or customer service representatives, benefit from the quick information and updates presented by Microlearning. 

Deskless employees, especially retail sales representatives, benefit from accessible, quick employee training. Mobile learning is the best way to give easy access to training programs in short spurts to customer-facing employees. 


Whether you are giving complete sales training or updating employees on changed processes, Microlearning is an efficient and effective training model. 

Getting the right MS that supports the idea of Microlearning gives you the leverage over your training course. To train and learn your employees consistently and quickly, the cost-effective approach of Microlearning is a crucial part of the training plan. 

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