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What is AppValley and how to install it on iOS

Despite the fact that there are officially no other app stores on iOS except the App Store, you can download software not only from there. Not only does Apple’s mobile operating system support progressive web apps that can replace some apps and services 100%, but also from time to time, independent developers launch unofficial app catalogs. Typically, all that is required to use them is to set up a public profile. This is done very simply, but then you get the opportunity to install software from third-party sources. Does it make sense, though?

What is AppValley

AppValley is one of the few alternative app stores that are available for both Android and iOS. Unlike the App Store and Google Play, it is focused on distributing hacked versions of programs and games for iOS: it provides paid versions for free and distributes those that operate according to the in-app purchase model with god mode. Thus, all games can be played at maximum speed at once, at the first entrance, having received the required amount of money and opening all the locations and heroes that open only as you progress.

How to install AppValley on iOS

The advantage of AppValley, which in a sense can be considered an analog of the App Store, is the complete absence of registration. That is, you don’t even have to go through authorization with your Apple ID account, as in other application directories. And since AppValley has no rules, you can find apps and games that are no longer in the App Store. For example, you can download Flappy Bird for iPhone there. True, this is where the advantages of AppValley end, because it is simply impossible to find something worthwhile in it, not to mention the disgustingly laid out interface.

What you need to know about AppValley

Should I install AppValley?

I have absolutely no idea who can use AppValley on iOS. If on Android there can certainly be found nihilists who refuse to pay for software and are not used to straining their brains to play games, then on iOS, it seems to me, there are either an absolute minority or none at all. Therefore, although I quote the above instructions for installing AppValley, I really hope that none of you will dare to install it on your device, putting yourself and your data at risk.

Why am I so categorical? Yes, because you can’t expect anything good from the catalog, where you can find an improved version of WhatsApp ++, which offers an expanded set of functions with iPad support, additional messaging tools, and ample opportunities for customizing the interface. But there is a flurry of such software. Therefore, if you do not want to follow the path of Jeff Bezos, whose iPhone was jailbroken due to his own indiscretion, bypass this slag.

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