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The Best Android Hacking Tools for Kali Linux (2023)

Android Hacking Tools for Kali Linux

Android Hacking Tools for Kali Linux

‍Kali Linux, a Debian-based operating system, is widely recognized as the go-to platform for network analystspenetration testers, and cybersecurity professionals. Developed and maintained by Offensive Security, Kali Linux offers various hacking tools specifically designed for multiple tasks, including Android hacking. In this article, we will explore some of the top Android hacking tools for Kali Linux that can assist ethical hackers in identifying vulnerabilities, testing security measures, and ensuring the robustness of Android applications.

Kali Linux does not require a dedicated system to install and run penetration tests. Using virtualization environments like VirtualBox or VMware are very effective ways to get solid use from the OS and not commit to a dedicated PC.

Android Hacking Tools for Kali Linux

Android Hacking Tools for Kali Linux

These Android Hacking Tools for Kali Linux are designed to assist ethical hackers, security researchers, and cybersecurity professionals in identifying vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential exploits within Android applications and devices. Some of the noteworthy Android hacking tools available on Kali Linux are listed below.


DroidBox is a dynamic analysis tool that allows security testers to monitor and analyze the behavior of Android applications. It provides insights into the app’s runtime behavior, including API calls, file access, and network communication. By running an application in a controlled environment, DroidBox helps identify potential security flaws, such as sensitive data leakage, suspicious network connections, and unauthorized access to system resources.

To use DroidBox, install it on your Kali Linux system and launch the tool. Then, select the target APK file and start the analysis. DroidBox will generate detailed reports highlighting any suspicious activities performed by the application.


APKTool is a powerful utility that allows security researchers to decompile and analyze Android APK files. It enables users to extract the source code, resources, and other assets from an APK file for further examination. With APKTool, ethical hackers can identify vulnerabilities, analyze the app’s logic, and even modify the code to test for potential security weaknesses.

To use APKTool, open the terminal in Kali Linux and navigate to the directory containing the APK file. Use the command “apktool d <filename.apk>” to decompile the APK and access its contents.

Metasploit Framework

Metasploit Framework is a widely-used penetration testing tool that offers a comprehensive set of exploits, payloads, and auxiliary modules for various platforms, including Android. With Metasploit, ethical hackers can assess the security of Android devices by exploiting vulnerabilities and gaining remote access to target systems.

To use Metasploit Framework, open the terminal in Kali Linux and type “msfconsole” to launch the tool. You can explore different modules and payloads explicitly designed for Android devices.


Frida is a dynamic instrumentation framework that allows security researchers to perform runtime manipulation and analysis of Android applications. With Frida, ethical hackers can inject custom scripts into the target application to monitor and modify its behavior. This enables them to identify vulnerabilities, bypass security measures, and gain deeper insights into the app’s inner workings.

To use Frida, install it on your Kali Linux system and launch the Frida server. Then, use the Frida command-line interface or write custom scripts to interact with the target application.


Drozer, or Android Hacking Suite, is a comprehensive security assessment tool for Android applications. It provides many features, including dynamic analysis, vulnerability scanning, and exploitation. Drozer allows ethical hackers to identify and exploit security vulnerabilities in Android apps, providing valuable insights for developers to improve their code’s security.

Install Drozer on your Kali Linux system and connect the target Android device via USB. Launch Drozer and execute various commands for dynamic analysis, vulnerability scanning, and exploitation.

Burp Suite

Burp Suite, a popular web application tool, can also be used for Android application testing. It acts as a proxy, intercepting and modifying network requests the target application makes. With Burp Suite, ethical hackers can identify and exploit vulnerabilities such as insecure data transmission, session management issues, and input validation weaknesses.

To use Burp Suite for Android application testing, configure the proxy settings on the Android device to redirect traffic through the Burp Suite proxy. Launch Burp Suite on your Kali Linux system, intercept the application’s network requests and analyze the captured data for potential security vulnerabilities.

AndroBugs Framework

The AndroBugs Framework is a powerful tool for static code analysis of Android applications. It can identify vulnerabilities, security loopholes, and potential misconfigurations by analyzing the app’s source code. AndroBugs scans the APK file and provides a detailed report highlighting any security issues found.

It’s crucial to note that while Android Hacking Tools for Kali Linux are intended for ethical and legitimate security testing purposes, their misuse can lead to illegal activities and privacy violations. Always ensure you have proper authorization and adhere to legal and ethical guidelines when using Android hacking tools on Kali Linux or any other platform. Responsible and controlled usage of these tools can significantly strengthen Android app security and safeguard user data.

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