Yubo is an app designed specifically for kids and teenagers. It has over 20 million users and is known to be the safest app for children. It has strong community guidelines that make it a secure platform for children over 13. It provides support against cyberbullying, vulgar and offensive content. The creators of Yubo are constantly pushing the app safer by adding new and improved safety features. In this article, we will learn more about the Yubo safety app and its safety features. 

What Is Yubo?

Yubo is a social media platform designed for school kids and teenagers above 13. It is available on android and iPhone platforms, and you can visit their official website to know more. Sacha Lazimi, Jérémie Aouate, and Arthur Patera are the app’s creators, and they designed it in 2015 with the name Yellow. The app has gained popularity because of its safety features, and many organizations related to child protection support it. It offers person-to-person and group chat and connects with other users through live streaming. 

Why Is Yubo So Popular?

Yubo allows people to connect with anyone of their age with the same interests and hobbies. It is an excellent platform for socializing without the risk of exposure to harmful content. The app has many regulation features that stop vulgar content on the forum. 

One other important feature is Yubo’s age boundary. The minimum age for signing up is 13, and the users between the ages 13 and 17 separate communities in which they can only interact with users of the same period. Users aged 18 and above have different communities, which contributes a lot to child safety and protection. 

Features Of Yubo?

The app is a platform where users can connect with people of the same age worldwide with common interests. These are the main features of Yubo.

Making Friends

The user can search for friends according to their location or interest. The user can choose to have ‘My country first’ ‘All around the world’ ‘My country only’ option to search for friends. After this, the user will see all the relevant profiles according to the search filter. They can then swipe right to like them or swipe left to remove them. If they want each other’s profiles, they are friends and can chat and send photos. Users can also add friends on Livestream with users of the same interests. 


Yubo provides accessible chatting services. The user can send a quick message to a single person or form groups and chat with them. The users can also create live streams that people can see outside the group. The users watching the videos can also be easily added as friends.


The app’s most notable feature is Livestream, with each session of Livestream having up to 10 streamers with an unlimited number of viewers. Yubo is not focused on likes, followers, and subscribe options and provides a natural, life-like setting where the user can interact with others without considering their fan following. 

Snap Camera

With the partnership with Snapchat in December 2020, Yubo provides AI and smart lenses and filters for photos directly in the app.


Yubo offers their users a tag after their profile names such as gamer, music, TV shows, and others so that the users with the same interest can find them quickly and add them. 


Yubo offers its services in over 9 languages making it one of the most diverse global social media platforms.

Safety Features OF Yubo

Yubo is an app designed to provide a safe platform for kids and teenagers; therefore, not only does it have several guidelines, but it also has the means to implement them. These are some of the safety features that Yubo offers.

Face Detection

Yubo has a minimum age limit of 13 years, and it employs face detection technology to estimate the actual age of users so that they can not lie about their age. Since 2019, Yubo has been in partnership with Yoti to analyze its users’ profiles and estimate their age. This method has checked and verified millions of shapes, and a few thousand profiles have been blocked. Yubo also contains the profiles provided by users to see that it is not taken from any internet source. 

Livestream Check

Yubo has implemented an algorithm since 2020 that checks the Livestream. If the algorithm detects something that violates community guidelines, it immediately blocks it.


Yubo has a solid human and AI-based check and balance system that constantly checks the live streams. If the streamers promote offensive content, the moderators interrupt the Livestream and warn them. If the user does not follow after that, their profile is completely blocked.

Pop Up Alert

Yubo has a system of alerting users by pop-up messages if they share their personal information like a phone number or home address. Yubo warns the user, informs them about the possible outcome of this, and chooses to revoke their action. 

Muted Words

Yubo also has the feature of muted words in which the user can block a specific word or emoji that they find offensive or disrespectful. The user can choose to stop it from all people or from the person who is not their friend. 

Yubo Awareness Program

Although, Yubo is comparatively a much safer platform for kids and teenagers. It constantly spreads awareness to its users about child-related crimes and how and where to report them. Yubo is in partnership with various NGOs and child protection agencies like National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), Childnet, E-Enfance, and Red Barnet to better conserve the rights of the children. 

Yubo does not earn money by advertising or selling users’ data, but it offers a microtransaction system to provide users with more advantages and features in exchange for some amount. Yubo has also announced its virtual currency in July 2021, named YuBucks.


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