How massive this step will be? Nothing is clear for now!

YouTube is not just an entertainment platform for many people, but a way to make money. To activate monetization in your videos, you need to gain more than 4000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months and have over 1000 subscribers. 

Those users whose channels have not yet reached the required indicators cannot make money on advertising. However, now advertising can still appear in such users’ videos, and channel owners will not receive any money for it. 

YouTube’s updated terms of service allow ads to appear in videos from channels that don’t participate in the affiliate program. Channel owners will not receive any money for this advertisement. Previously, this was possible in sporadic cases. For example, if there was some music in the video, the owner filed a copyright infringement complaint. 

The new rules will allow Google to make extra money from millions of young small channels, and these channel owners and their viewers are unlikely to enjoy it. However, as before, there will be no advertisements in videos that deal with sensitive topics, including religion, politics, gambling, and alcohol.  

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