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YouTube to officially launch picture-in-picture mode on iPhone and iPad

The YouTube video service has announced a major update to the iOS app. A picture-in-picture mode will be added to it, which will allow you to continue watching the video by switching to other applications. Writes about this Macrumors.

A spokesperson for the service told The Verge that the company is currently rolling out the feature for paid YouTube subscribers. Still, in the future, it will become available to all iOS device owners.

Support for picture-in-picture mode appeared in iOS 14 but test mode. For example, the feature was unstable; for example, it worked for some iPad users while browsing through the Safari browser. iPhone owners could use the option only occasionally.

Android users, in turn, have been using this feature for many years. It is available on all operating systems starting from Android 8.0 (Oreo) with a paid subscription. During use, the video player window can be placed in any convenient part of the screen. It is not reported whether the service will be made free for Android owners in the future.

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