The company is developing a similar device

Xiaomi has patented an interesting development that can be used in the next generation of the Mi Mix line. 

A thematic Dutch resource LetsGoDigital drew attention to the patent. 

The patent describes a foldable smartphone with a flexible screen and a small external, quite similar in its parameters to the Samsung Galaxy Fold model. However, there is one important difference – the external screen is made in the form of a sliding module, like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, which opens access to the built-in camera.  

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 could be a flexible foldable slider

Note that fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of the Mi Mix series from Xiaomi, which was interrupted by the Mi Mix 3. The company introduced the Mi Mix Alpha last year, but after several delays in its release it was canceled altogether

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 could be a flexible foldable slider

In the official Russian online store Xiaomi, the Mi Mix 3 smartphone is still available at a price of 3,299 Yuan.

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