The Chinese company Xiaomi, according to network sources, is designing a smartphone with a multi-module camera, which will include a 200-megapixel sensor. The device may debut in the second half of this year.

The information about the upcoming novelty was the popular network informant Digital Chat Room, which often publishes reliable leaks about products from the mobile world.

It is assumed that the camera of the Xiaomi smartphone will use the not yet officially presented 200-megapixel Samsung sensor, which is supposedly in development.

According to rumors, the projected sensor will receive pixels of 0.64 microns. Obviously, combining a group of neighboring pixels into one will be implemented to obtain high-quality images in poor lighting conditions.

The Xiaomi smartphone under development may become one of the first commercial devices with a 200-megapixel camera. Unfortunately, there is still no exact information on the timing of both the sensor itself and devices based on it.

We also add that today the maximum resolution of cameras in smartphones is 108 million pixels. So a 200MP sensor could actually be 216MP.

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