The first version of the Windows 11 Fixer was released in December 2021, shortly after the official release of Windows 11. The application developer has prepared an updated version of Windows 11 Fixer, which comes with new customization options and a unique design.

Windows 11 Fixer 2.0 comes as a large-sized archive, and one of the main reasons for this is the integration of .NET Core into the package. This solution will be helpful if the desired version of .NET Core is not installed on the device.

Download Windows 11 Fixer 2.0 

To run the tool, you will need device administrator privileges. If you run the executable from a standard user account on a Windows 11 PC, you’ll be asked to provide them.

At first glance, the main interface is no different from the old one. The same color scheme and functions are used, and the light and dark modes are switched in the upper-right corner. Nevertheless, tabs with access to various groups of settings have been added to the left part of the program window.

In Windows 11 Fixer 2.0, there are 4 tabs available:

  • Fix Windows
  • Windows Settings
  • Uninstall MS Bloat (Uninstall pre-installed software)
  • Install Software

The options are grouped on each page. The Windows Fix tab displays six settings for changing the taskbar, context menu, File Explorer, Start menu, and other areas of the operating system.

All parameters have a descriptive name and radio buttons or menus for changing the state from the default value (No change) to other options.

Here are some examples of settings:

  • Add the Take Ownership item to the context menu to access system files and folders.
  • Block internet searches
  • Disable widgets.
  • Enable a compact view in File Explorer.
  • Change privacy settings, such as turning off your personal handwriting and typing dictionary and setting up access to location services.
  • Uninstall pre-installed apps. Applications are divided into two groups: simple and complex to remove. You can use the partition to uninstall apps like Paint, Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Teams, or Skype from the OS.
  • Install popular third-party applications such as Firefox, Zoom, GIMP, Notepad++ or VLC.

Note that you need to click the Apply button on each page after making changes. Every change you make is reset when you leave a tab without clicking that button.

The update significantly improves the capabilities of the Windows 11 Fixer. The added additional settings may be helpful for users. Among the disadvantages are the large size of the application and the lack of some features, such as universal cancellation, search or run over.


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