At the same time, Windows 10 was running on an Apple laptop through a virtualization tool.

Based on benchmarks posted online, Windows 10 running on an Apple laptop with an M1 processor via virtualization is even faster than the original Windows 10 on ARM on Microsoft’s Surface Pro X. This once again shows how powerful the platform is. Apple M1.

Image Courtesy: CNET

Technically, Windows 10 on ARM should run on the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro based on the Apple M1 SoC by itself, just like it does on the Surface Pro X, because Microsoft’s tablet is also based on the ARM platform. However, due to licensing restrictions, this cannot yet be done directly. But individual developers have found a way to run Windows 10 on ARM on new Apple laptops through virtualization tools. After that, the Geekbench benchmark was launched on Windows 10 to see how fast it is working.   

It turned out that the Apple laptop with “virtualized” Windows 10 on ARM is faster than the Surface Pro X: 1390 points in a single-threaded test and 4768 points in a multi-threaded test against 802 and 3104 points, respectively. Accordingly, if virtualization were to be done, Windows on an Apple laptop would run even faster.

Source: Windowslatest

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