Windows 10 is testing a new way to interact with files and apps

Redesigned voice search throughout the system, including “Settings”, “File Explorer”!

Microsoft has begun testing a new feature in the Windows 10 operating system that should dramatically improve user experience with files and applications.

The feature is called Voice Launcher. It will, among other things, improve the search capabilities in “Settings”, “Explorer” and in the Windows Search itself (Windows Search).

An experimental voice input feature is shown automatically throughout the system where there is a text input field with Windows Search API.

Voice Launcher has a modern design and is optimized to work with any device form factor. The user can also stop voice dialing or enable the automatic punctuation function.

Microsoft is currently testing the feature in these regions and languages:

  • English: USA, Canada, UK, Australia and India
  • French: France and Canada
  • Portuguese: Brazil
  • And also Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. 

The new voice search is expected to be released from the test stage only before the release of the major Windows update in October 2021.

Source: WindowsLatest

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