Entertainment has come a long way from live theatre to TV to streaming services, all the way to the future. While the year of a pandemic may have slowed some growth plans, it certainly gave users to explore entertainment on a whole another level. 

Shows are no longer limited to watching, as the new world plans to give users a more interactive experience. Even some new tv shows on Netflix are not the conventional watch and enjoy. They are coming to us as a change we all needed in the streaming world. 

The joys of attending a play, watching a movie at the cinema, attending live theatre, etc. are all transitioning through technology in a completely new way. We have seen Mark Zuckerberg endorse and work on this quite deeply. This is why he endorses the Metaverse. 

Let’s dive in to understand why and how technology is evolving the entertainment business once and for all. 

The Interactive Netflix series:

We all love Netflix for its great feature, its accessibility, and convenience. You may not know this but there are many features under the category of “Interactive Netflix Series”. This series combines the streaming experience with Role Playing Games (RPG). What happens is the movie has a smooth start but during the movie, the user is asked to choose an option and the movie goes along the plot based on the person’s choice. 

It may not be as technologically powerful as one might think but it does have a new take on how we watched movies. We’ve all been in situations where we wanted to yell to the actor something we already hinted at. As kids, we saw interactive shows like Dora the Explorer and how she would ask the audience and kids would respond. The same concept is being replicated for a larger audience. 

There is even a show on Netflix called “Headspace: a guide to meditation” in which the show walks you through a complete process of meditation, whether it is for sleeping or comfort. The series continues to be filled with great productions of many different genres. 

The Watch Party experience:

At a time, Amazon Prime Video was known specifically for this feature, until all services started replicating. In the pandemic, people lost the fun of watching movies together. That is when Amazon Prime Video came up with the concept of a Watch party. If you’re home streaming alone, a watch party allows you to stream the same show simultaneously whilst connected with your friends online. You can talk, chat, share as you go through the plot of the movie or series. 

This gives binge-watching a new experience. It even lowers the guilt of late-night streaming when you know you have someone to stream with. All climaxes of the movie, the plot, the ups, and downs can be talked over, and this experience brings the people virtually closer. Later, Facebook used the feature on watch parties as well. This was simply Amazon’s take on a completely revolutionized future of entertainment. 

Gambling online:

Who knew the addiction to gambling could make it to the online world? It was rumored to be done in private but with the casino’s not welcoming guests due to the pandemic, the online world fed the insatiable beast of gambling.

 In 2020, we saw a surge in traffic on online betting sites. What made it so much better than the casino experience was the newer variety of games and accessibility. People made some and lost some, but it did revolutionize the gambling world. 

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The Gaming world:

The gaming world has been led by giants of the industry like Microsoft and Sony. They furthered the gaming experience through VR (Virtual Reality) and gaming no longer was confined to joysticks and keyboards.

With the advent of live chats, we saw the gaming experience advance into the future. Nowadays, people spend more on Fortnite skins and unlocks than ever before. 

The two most prominent game-changers were PUBG and Fortnite. Both these games amassed a huge crowd and turned a simple last man standing concept into a global sensation. PUBG tournaments happening across the globe. It is for sure that the gaming world changed exponentially in the 21st century. 

A newly imagined world called ‘Meta’

Facebook changed its name, but that’s not all that happened. With the new name Meta, Mark Zuckerberg hints at the beginning of a new experience that takes Augmented Reality (AR) up a notch.

A new virtual world where you can hang out with your virtual friends, play virtual games, hang out at virtual places, and not be worried about how you look (Because you’re virtual).

This is a scary and powerful transformation that has been in the works by the Facebook team for years. A new dawn is emerging into the metaverse, and many companies are redirecting their effort to be part of the change. 


As you can see, these 5 changes have redefined what was once considered revolutionary. A time when social media was just “scrolling” and “taps” will soon be gone. The many forms of entertainment that we love and cherish today will not fade away. If anything, the experience will be more amplified as we step into a future of change and growth. 


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