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Why Creatio CRM Is A Great Alternative To Salesforce For Business Operations?

Modern businesses are increasingly becoming more dependent on CRM solutions. As customers demand more agile solutions to their demands, businesses have to innovate new ways to meet those demands quickly and more efficiently. However, currently, there are quite several CRM solutions to choose from in the market. 

The two major players that have been in the market for some time are Salesforce and Creatio CRM. Emerging as a salesforce alternative, Creatio CRM brings enormous benefits to businesses today. This article will compare the two CRM solutions and explain why Creatio CRM is a great alternative to Salesforce for business operations.

What Does Creation And Salesforce Do?

As customer relationship management tools, both Creatio CRM and Salesforce come with a wide variety to support customer-based solutions in business. In this section, we focus on some of the key capabilities of both solutions. 

Systems Integration 

Creatio provides a unified low code platform for the management of CRM and processes. The main features of Creatio help businesses to drive sales, service, marketing, and operations.

Also, Creatio uses a robust Business Process Management engine to optimize operational processes while boosting efficiency. The low code platform powers organizations to create apps, customize systems, and create strategies they need for business.

On the other hand, Salesforce provides a medium for spanning multiple cloud-based applications for service, marketing, analytics, sales, commerce, productivity, and many more. Additionally, Salesforce provides business automation tools that make repetitive processes such as approval management, workflow definition, and process building more seamless. 

Process Automation Capabilities

Products from Creatio are backed by a unified, robust low code BPM platform. The platform offers interactive process automation tools that make it easier to build processes in a visual process designer. Besides, it makes automation and process augmentation quicker. Making it best suited to your business.

On the other hand, Salesforce offers technical tools that support the automation of specific use cases such as workflow modeling and process building. These tools are, however, more technical to learn and implement and require experienced IT teams to manage. 

Low-Code Capabilities 

Creatio CRM software provides agile, low code platforms that help users effortlessly build enterprise applications to support business activities without requiring steep technical and IT skills. Such apps include operational efficiency optimization and customer-facing apps.

On the other hand, Salesforce provides low code tools that support the building of employee productivity applications. More advanced operational apps and customer-facing apps are, however built using a different Salesforce’ coding platform known as Heroku, supported by a developer or dedicated IT teams. 

Orchestration And Alignment

Creation offers a unified platform that integrates process automation, low code, and CRM technologies. Therefore, organizations from different industries can use Creatio to drive marketing, sales, service, among other functional areas in business. This means that businesses that use Creatio can eliminate silo operation and equally reduce their maintenance costs.

Salesforce, on the other hand, offers several tools and products that have since grown into the 360 platforms. Although this functionality is highly advanced, the merged products can easily lead to a lesser integrated user experience especially if they are poorly aligned. 

Pricing model

Creatio CRM implements a quote-based pricing model. Payments can be made one-off, monthly, or annually. 

Salesforce, on the other hand only accepts monthly and annual payments. 

Some of the other key Creatio CRM features are:

  • System integrations
  • Export tools
  • Budget planning 
  • Audience segmentation
  • Track responses
  • Analytics with real-time diagrams
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices 
  • Management of data fields, lookups, and processes
  • Customizable reports

Some of the other key Salesforce features include:

  • Account and contact management 
  • File-sharing ` & file sync
  • Real-time visibility
  • Einstein activity capture 
  • Chatter, files, recommendations, and topics
  • Contracts, quotes, orders, price books, and products 


Both Creatio CRM and Salesforce offer intuitive solutions to business. With the highly technical Salesforce, however, the learning curve is much steeper and user adoption is low. For providing less technical solutions, simple and easy to integrate UIs, and more payment options, Creatio is the best choice for business today.



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