WhatsApp users who disagree with the new privacy policy will not be able to use the messenger as before. This was confirmed by the company’s management, warning about the imposition of a lot of restrictions. At first, users will be denied access to the correspondence, forbidden to write and read messages, and then, if they refuse to accept the agreement, they will delete their account. Not much time is given to make a decision – about six months, most of which users who still think will not normally use WhatsApp.

The new privacy policy in question was proposed to WhatsApp users late last year. She caused a big wave of indignation because she assigned the messenger’s management the right to share user data with Facebook.

What will happen if you do not accept the new rules in WhatsApp

Despite the fact that WhatsApp was previously owned by Facebook Inc. and theoretically could merge everything that is needed, the parent company, the management of the messenger never said anything like that. However, he suddenly changed his mind and for the sake of this even decided to introduce a new agreement.

WhatsApp is so afraid of rejections that it limits users who will not accept the agreement as much as possible.

The restrictions that await users who refuse to accept the new policy will be very, very strict. They will be prohibited from:

  • Write private messages
  • Read private messages
  • Write messages to groups
  • Read messages from groups
  • Make audio calls
  • Make video calls
  • Export your posts
  • Keep backups

At first, it is planned for refuseniks to retain the right to receive calls on WhatsApp and read messages in notifications, even if they fit there. You can’t just click on the notification and go to the message to read it in the messenger interface.

Access to chats will be blocked until the new privacy policy is adopted. The restrictions will take effect on May 15, after which users will have 120 days to make a final decision. After 120 days, if the WhatsApp user does not agree to accept the new rules, his account will be deleted.

Although WhatsApp, according to their own statement, is not going to leak Facebook users’ correspondence and in any way neglect their privacy, many have decided to permanently abandon the use of this service in favour of another. The logical choice for many faced with this problem was Telegram, where now it is quite legal to transfer all correspondence.

How to transfer chats from WhatsApp and Telegram

  • Launch WhatsApp and find the desired chat;
  • Without opening it, pull to the left and select “More”;

To transfer chats from WhatsApp to Telegram has recently been quite official

  • Here click the “Export Chat” button;
  • In the “Share” menu, select Telegram, the desired chat to transfer, and confirm the export.

It is important to understand that the export of chats from WhatsApp to Telegram has a number of limitations. Firstly, the transfer of the chat makes sense only if the user with whom you are transferring the dialogue is already using Telegram. Secondly, each chat will have to be exported separately and only by hand. For obvious reasons, the developers did not foresee the possibility to transfer everything at once.

As for WhatsApp itself, in general, the company’s approach looks as non-client-oriented as possible. The management of the messenger has shown that they are determined to make money on the messenger, but single displays of advertising are clearly not the way that can bring a lot of money. Therefore, it was decided to start trading user data, which has been in demand at all times.

I understand that such a large service is not able to subsist solely on venture capital investments and sooner or later must become self-sufficient. Another thing is that WhatsApp could offer users paid content, as Telegram plans to do, and then the sheep would remain intact and the wolves would be more or less well-fed.


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