What will Apple’s electric car look like? Designer inflated Magic Mouse to auto size

It turned out interesting!

More and more rumors about Apple’s electric car continue to appear on the Web. According to the latest data, its release is expected in 2024, although, perhaps, in 2025. The chosen ones are devoted to the details of the project, there is no exact certainty about anything, but this does not prevent the designer from fantasizing about the first “apple” car. One of them presented his vision of a possible novelty, and chose Magic Mouse as an object for inspiration. The result is a stylish futuristic car with a mono-volume body.

There is no hood or a pronounced trunk – the glass roof covers all parts of the car and flows smoothly from front to back. The silhouette is exactly like a Magic Mouse, but only blown up to the size of a regular car. On the nose and back there are characteristic logos, the lighting technology is entirely LED, as is customary with modern electric vehicles. It turned out interesting, but how similar will it be to a real Apple car? So far, there is no answer to this question, and it will appear, apparently, not earlier than Apple starts sea trials of its car.

Source: ITHome

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