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Earlier this year, I had made a few videos on Mega upload limits and methods around it. They are not new and have already been posted in many ways. So I tried to simplify explaining the tools and their use.
Because this is sort of a grey area on Youtube, I knew there was a possibility that it could get flagged in some way… and it did.

It was taken down in early August 2021, and they stated it was “Harmful or Dangerous content.”

I thought I followed the Community Guidelines by saying from the start and in the description that these tools are used explicitly for educational purposes and are open source. Still, I think the YT algorithm seems to view them differently.

I have submitted an appeal explaining my case, but I feel I am not going to get anywhere. However, I will still have everything posted on this blog and keep it updated as things progress.

Patreon seems to be okay with it, you can support me there, but I don’t think you should just watch a video. Some of my awesome subscribers have already suggested alternative hosting platforms that I am already trying out.

Going forward, I will tread cautiously, but I will still, but I will still always bring the best tools I can find to YouTube. I may have to censor some areas to meet Youtube guidelines, but I will always provide all the information you need right here.

Anyway, thanks for your support, following, liking, watching, and all that good stuff!

Table of Contents

Method 1

Best for single file downloads requires couple small apps to complete.


Method 2

Best for multiple files and any kind of format, including audio and video.


Method 3

Best for copy files from one cloud service to another. This will use Google Colab, and need a gmail account.




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