Donald Trump, who was still in the United States presidency, received a gift from Apple CEO Tim Cook, which has enormous collectable value. This is evidenced by Trump’s financial report published by The New York Times.

The “Gifts & Travel Refunds” section lists a basic Mac Pro for $ 5,999. This computer is documented as the first computer assembled at the Flex Factory in Austin, Texas.

Obviously, this gift was received by Trump at the end of 2019, when Apple began to produce the Mac Pro with a greater design. It is noteworthy that Cook only provided Trump with a computer, but did not give wheels for it and the Apple Pro Display XDR monitor  (apparently because they are not manufactured in the USA).


Donald Trump increased duties on goods imported from China and urged American companies, including Apple, to manufacture goods in the United States. In return, Tim Cook promised to invest in the American economy, create new jobs, and assemble some devices in American factories.

The Flex Factory in Austin has been manufacturing computers for Apple since 2013. In November 2019, Trump visited the facility and tweeted that he had “opened a major Apple facility in Texas that will bring high-paying jobs back to America.”

In early January 2021, Donald Trump supporters, the outgoing president of the United States, arranged riots across the country. They were convinced the election had been rigged and Trump should stay in power. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other sites have blocked Trump’s accounts and the communities that support him to prevent the unleashing of aggression. Amazon has disconnected apps from servers where Trump supporters communicate, and Google and Apple have removed those apps from their stores. Joe Biden took over as President of the United States on January 20, and Trump, now 74, is set to take part in the next presidential election.

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