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The Top 10 Quickest and Most Efficient Methods for WoW Classic TBC Gold Farming

Are you a WoW player that has always struggled with having just enough gold to scrape by and live a decent life?

You may be a broke, struggling human being going through a mid-life crisis in real life. But in the world of Azeroth, you don’t have to be. You can be stinkin’ rich!

Our team at SSEGold consisting of veteran WoW players have come up with a list of the top 10 most efficient methods you can use to make gold today!

Are you excited? Then let’s hop right in!

Auction House

This would be considered the best method of WoW gold farming if only everyone were really good economists. Or just have a thorough understanding of how a market works.

But practice makes perfect, and if you spend your time in the auction house studying the purchasing habits of players, noting the peak selling and buying hours, being quick to sell your items when the demand is high and supply is low, you can turn into a master auctioneer in no time and won’t have to step out of the auction house to make a fortune in Azeroth!


Gathering is a very accessible method of WoW gold farming, which almost anyone – noob or veteran – can get their hands on.

There is the general method of gathering, which is basically accessible with any class, all you have to do is kill mobs and hope for valuable loot to drop.

Then comes profession gathering, which are cooking, fishing, mining, herbalism, and more, which are going to be talked about more in detail below.

Cooking and Fishing

The time commitment that is required to level cooking and fishing is quite a bit. So much so, that players overlook them very often which has led to scarcity in the items that you can acquire through fishing and cooking.

Huge Spotted Feltail, Furious Crawdad, Golden Darter are some of the items that you can fish up and cook to sell for good returns, simply because cooking and fishing are a neglected form of WoW gold farming.


Khorium bars, Khorium ores, Eternium ores, Adamantite bars, Fell Iron ores, are just a few of the valuable items that you can retrieve from mining that will fetch you quite a bit of gold when sold in the market.

The various gems you find through mining are valuable in the market too. If you happen to be a Jewelcrafter, you can cut these gems to further increase their value since they can be added into gear


If you picked up Herbalism, you’ve acquired a great method of gold farming WoW offers. Gronn-Stitched Girdle or the Crusader Enchant Classic WoW offers are the kinds of items you could be buying after making the dough through Herbalism.

We don’t advise you to spend your money on items like Crusader Enchant Classic carelessly though. The various herbs that you acquire that are crucial to make best-in-slot flasks, potions and elixirs are valuable money, and can be sold in the auction house for mouth-watering prices.

Daily Quests

Let’s count: you’ve got dungeon dailies, heroic dungeon dailies, battleground dailies, fishing dailies, cooking dailies, world PvP dailies, Hellfire Peninsula dailies, and the list still goes on! There’s literally too many to count on both on your hands.

It may not be the quickest way of WoW gold farming, and it can turn out to be quite boring if you continue to do them day after day for a long period of time, but it is a consistent way of earning gold. Plus, whether it is WoW Classic gold farming or in WoW Classic TBC, the process does remain relatively boring.

And not everyone wants to endure hours of gruelling gold farming WoW lets you do every day. Which is precisely why we at SSEGold are here to help you meet your goals much quicker!

With players from around the globe trusting us to provide them top-quality customer service and all the gold they could desire at affordable prices, there is no doubt that we are the best, when it comes to taking care of your golden needs. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us when you need to buyTBC Classic gold online.


Boosting is one of the smartest methods of gold farming WoW lets you do, especially right now in TBC Classic. Boosting as a method in WoW Classic gold farming just would not be as efficient.

A lot of players currently want to make new characters that have gotten stronger, practice a buffed profession, and people are seeking out boosters for these reasons. Create a class like Protection Paladin while zooming through 4-party member dungeons and collecting all the gold should make you a very good amount of money.


During any event that WoW Classic TBC holds, there are surely items like mounts, materials, gear, that come up as exclusive event items and are obtainable in a limited time only.

This leads to the item being bought frequently during the duration of the event, which makes its value go down a lot. You can take advantage of this fact and buy the limited time item for a super cheap price, and then hold the item for a long time. Don’t use it, don’t sell it, just keep it with you, usually for months after the event is gone.

What happens now? The item is rare and high value since it is not in circulation anymore, and you can now sell it for high profits! Do this in bulk and you have a crazy method of WoW gold farming.

Primal Farming

The primal items are items that are crucial for crafting strong sets like Spell fire, enchants, best-in-slot items and even profession items, which makes primals farmed a lot due to how resourceful and varied they are.

For this reason, you should be wary of primal farms that are heavily over farmed such as the Elemental Plateau in Nagrand, as it is overpopulated with players there who do the same thing you want to do, which will give you scarce returns and will unjustly prove to be an inferior WoW Classic gold farming method (which also applies for TBC Classic).

Gem Crafting

Crafting gems is an easy way to make decent money, letting you stay safe in the city and just use your profession of Jewel crafting to do the job.

Gems are primarily needed to fit in gear with sockets. As a Jewel crafter, all you need to do is buy gems off the market, cut them and sell them for a profit. Easy way to make quick gold if you even have passable knowledge of how the market works.

And there you have it, that was our list of the top 10 most efficient ways of making gold in WoW Classic TBC. Thought our content was useful? Share it with a friend, and browse through our website for more!



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