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The Art of Team Bonding: Creative Activities to Inspire Collaboration

Do you want to build a team that can collaborate well? Are you looking to create a workplace environment that results in stellar communication and optimal results? Think about how team bonding can make a difference for your brand. Check out these activities that can help your team bond and work better together:

Throw some parties

If you’re all about having a good time, hosting parties for your office every now and then can be a great way for your team to let their hair down. You can rent out a venue for these parties or host them at one of your offices.

Whether it’s a costume party for Halloween where you do a competition for men’s and women’s pirate costumes or a Christmas holiday dress-up party, there are plenty of occasions worthy of parties, which can help to create the perfect space for your team to bond together and enjoy a memorable time. Office parties have a bad rep sometimes, but they can actually be a great way for your team to bond.

Board game nights

Besides the typical office party or happy hour afternoons, setting up weekly or biweekly board game nights can be a fun way for your team to do something together in a low-key way. Board games are a great icebreaker and allow for a casual way of bonding with team members.

You can host them at the office, or if you have a more casual office environment, take turns hosting at team member’s homes if they feel comfortable with this. Find out what everyone’s favorite games are so that your team can come together over games that they enjoy.

Catch-up lunches

It’s okay for co-workers to get to know each other and have an understanding of what’s going on in everyone’s lives. We sometimes forget how important it is to remember each other’s humanity on the job. That’s why catch-up lunches where people have the floor to share their personal lives, as desired, can be a great way to keep your team connected in a fun and convenient way.

Catch-up lunches can be low-key and paid for on the company’s dime, allowing for human connection during office hours. Schedule them on your company’s schedule board so that everyone knows when they’re happening.

Sport meetups

If you have employees who love sports, consider how fun it can be to have weekly sports nights. Whether you start a softball team or play pickup soccer together, sports have a great way of connecting people and bringing them together in a way that is welcoming and also fun.

For those who may not be able to play or want to play, you can also include fun activities on the sidelines, as well as great food, so everyone on your team has a good time, even if they’re unable to participate in the sports themselves.

Community events

When you get involved in the community together, you can create a sense of community amongst your team members as well. Building connections through helping others can help your team find mutual ground and respect for each other, regardless of the backgrounds everyone comes from.

Volunteering to do good isn’t only beneficial for the people that you’re striving to help. It can also bring plenty of personal satisfaction to your team members. Start looking into opportunities to do more for your community and talk to your team about ways that they would want to get involved. They may have a passion for helping youth connect through sports or have a soft spot for women’s shelters.

In Conclusion

These are only a few of the ways that your team could connect through bonding activities. There are countless things that you can do to bring your team together in a positive way that results in the kind of office collaboration that propels your company into the successful future you’ve been striving for. 

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