Automatic subtitling is an Android feature that allows you to transcribe speech played on your device into text. It is useful for people with hearing impairments and cases where the environment is not conducive to listening to something. Last year, Google began testing this feature in beta versions of the Chrome desktop browser. Now it has become available to users of the stable version of Chrome 88.

To start using the mentioned function, go to the page with additional options chrome: // flags and activate the enable-accessibility-live-caption parameter. After that, it remains to restart the browser and make sure that a switch has appeared in the multimedia content management menu, located to the right of the address bar, allowing you to activate automatic subtitles. In the future, videos or video chats played on the device will be accompanied by subtitles.

The source notes that the function may malfunction in this version, and the user will have to periodically re-activate it. The message also says that automatic subtitles in Chrome work in versions of the browser for software platforms Windows, macOS and Chrome OS.

Since the feature has to be activated via the experimental options menu, it is clear that automatic subtitles are currently in the testing phase and may not work properly. Most likely, the feature will officially appear in the stable version of Chrome, along with one of the future browser updates.

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