Attacker faces criminal proceedings.

An entertaining new story related to the iPhone 12, straight from China: the courier could not resist the temptation to steal 14 iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphones that he was supposed to deliver to the customer.


A courier named Tang works for the delivery service of the Chinese trading platform Meituan-Dianping. On November 14, an authorized Apple retailer ordered Meituan Delivery to ship a package of 14 brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max to another Apple store.


After Tang picked up the package, he canceled the order instead of delivering it and paid only $1.50 for default. In doing so, he stole phones, each of which costs about $1,500. The Apple store employee who made the delivery was unable to contact him.


He was tracked down rather quickly, but only 10 unopened iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphones were found at the courier after being detained. He left one phone for personal use. With the second iPhone 12 Pro Max, he covered the existing debt. The third smartphone was pawned at a pawn shop for $ 1,450. And the thief sold the fourth phone for about $1,000.


Using the money he received, Tang bought new clothes and, probably to impress acquaintances, rented a BMW for about $100 a day. The police subsequently returned all four smartphones.


The attacker faces criminal proceedings. Yesterday it became known that an organized criminal group hijacked a truck transporting new equipment from Apple, the cost of which was estimated at 5 million pounds.

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