Margin of safety is the buffer that people should place between their investments and their retirement accounts. This buffer helps avoid significant financial losses in the event of a market downturn.

Of course, people also want to avoid losing too much money, so having a small or zero. According to the experts at SoFiInvest, ”margin of safety will help them be more conservative with their purchasing decisions.” Here is the significance.

Help People Avoid Significant Losses

When people begin investing in stocks, they tend to believe that the market will continue to rise without end. It is not an unreasonable assumption because, for half a century, it has. However, when they lose money, they panic and often sell when the market is at its lowest point.

They end up selling at a loss when they should be buying because stocks always go up in the long run.

Reduces the Risk of Investing

People should only invest what they can afford to lose. If they lose their entire investment, then that is their problem. However, if they only lost one-third of it, most people would admit that they made a bad decision. It is not an easy concept to grasp, so most investors will stick to the minimum amount of money they need for their retirement, which will never be enough.

Helps Protect Credit Standing

Most people have credit cards to pay for basic living expenses and have investment accounts with their financial institutions used to invest in the stock market. If they borrow money for their retirement account, they put their entire financial future at risk if they cannot repay that debt. However, keeping a cushion of at least half of what is in the account will make it easier to avoid credit card debt.

Helps Avoid Being Abandoned by the Financial Institution

Financial institutions always earn money on their clients’ funds, so they want to keep them happy. However, if clients are invested in stocks and the stock market suddenly drops, the bank or credit union may decide that their clients are no longer profitable. If their investment accounts only placed half of their investments, they will return the rest of their money to buy other products that will help keep them in business.

Helps Protect Against the Effects of Bad Decisions

Most people are not very good at making investment decisions or predicting the economy’s future direction. If they invest substantial portions of their retirement funds, they will lose substantial amounts if their investment strategies are bad. However, if they only place one-third of their retirement investments in stocks, they can still lose all of it if their estimation skills are flawed.

Allows People to Enjoy Life More

People need to have a certain amount of money saved in case they lose their job, get sick, or have to pay for emergency expenses. However, if they are forced to spend all of their money buying stocks, they will not have enough money for things that matter. They can still earn more investment income, so having a small margin for safety will allow them to live happily.

Helps People Avoid the Financial Instability Trap

The financial instability trap occurs when people put all their money into investments that may go up or down in value. They then spend their money not on the things they need but on what they want. This strategy may work when people begin investing, but they will be in trouble when the market drops and their investments drop. By only investing one-third of their retirement funds in stocks, they will still have money for the things that are important to them.


Overall, the margin of safety is a way for people to protect themselves financially. By only investing a portion of their retirement funds in stocks and bonds, they will have money for any emergency and be able to buy things they need without worrying about the market. It means that they won’t panic if the market falls and they can stay more invested to reap the benefits of rising markets.


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