Statistically, the human brain processes image faster as compared to texts. Therefore, catchy and attractive photos are of utmost importance for everyone who is running their business online. You can’t make your online business profitable if you don’t have attractive photos on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter feed. Sometimes, you make these photos yourself and in some instances, you opt for stock photography websites where you can download the photos for free or for a token fee. In this insightful post, we’ll take a closer look at the biggest stock photography sites where you can find a myriad of photos to suit the needs of any business. In fact, choosing where to download photos could be a little confusing and we hope that this post will shed light on this issue.

Getty Images

So far, it’s one of the most popular stock photography platforms with a myriad of assets in its gallery. The platform features over 200 million photos to suit the needs of any business. On top of that, it’s also one of the pioneers in this niche; the platform was launched in 1995. This website boasts an impeccable reputation and tons of positive reviews. So if you are searching for exciting photos, don’t hesitate to opt for Getty Images.


Unsplash hit the market a few years ago and still, it’s one of the most widely used websites. The collection of images stored on this website can meet the requirements of the most exacting users. So far, there are over 300,000 top-notch images to meet the needs of the most exacting users. Moreover, thousands of new images are added on an ongoing basis. Chances that you’ll find something suitable for yourself are high.


Seems like this platform needs no introduction. It has been on the market for 12 years. So far, this well-known platform is the home to around 100 million photos. All the photos are broken down into categories to speed up your search. Just a few seconds of your time and you’ll find photos that will meet your business goals.


This website is for really creative people as it features a quirky collection of top-notch images. Although the quality of these images can’t be compared to Unsplash photos, it is still popular among users. Here, you can find an array of free photos for your creative projects.


This website was owned by Getty in 2006. So far, it is widely used by creative people as it features a huge collection of photos. Some photos are free whereas others are offered for a fee. By the way, if you are a photographer, you may download your photos on this website and gain income. The contributor’s commission varies from 15% to 45%.


The main distinctive feature of this platform is its huge database of high-resolution images. This website is mostly focused on business, IT, and marketing and has tons of photos suitable for content marketers. On top of that, there’s also a massive collection of illustrations and vectors. Overall, it’s a worthy tool for content marketers that run social media pages.


When writing this post about the most widely used stock websites, we couldn’t pass by this platform. Seems like it needs no introduction. The main distinctive feature of this platform is an array of free images and videos broken down into categories. If you are a blogger or a content marketer, this website might be a worthy tool for you.


Have you ever heard of this platform? If not, now is the best time to give it a try. The key objective of this website is to set really high standards of quality. Although this platform covers just a few categories, it is still worth your attention. If you are interested in abstract images, animals, architecture, arts, or holidays, you’ll find a myriad of really cool photos here. It’s a microstock provider with the potential. So far, it’s one of the most rapidly growing websites on the web.


If currently, you are looking for the platform that features the most diverse images, you’ve come to the right place. Rawpixel has already become a must-have tool for bloggers and content marketers. Besides cool images, here you can also find many exciting vectors and mockups. Besides an array of free photos, there’s also a paid collection that will surely meet your requirements.

So now you know where to find cool images for your blog or online ads. All these platforms have both free and paid stock images. It’s up to you to decide which option suits your needs most of all. Besides, almost all images on these platforms have a CC0 license, which means that users have the right to copy, edit, and use them for commercial purposes.


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