Before all users had time to enjoy all the delights of the OnePlus 8T smartphone, rumors began to accumulate on the network about the upcoming new flagship OnePlus – OnePlus 9. According to Android Central , OnePlus has postponed the release dates of its new flagship to an earlier date than planned the date is set for March 2021.

We previously expected OnePlus to launch the OnePlus 9 smartphone around April, but now, the company is gearing up for an earlier launch. And OnePlus isn’t the only one. Some rumors claim that Samsung is also considering early release of the upcoming Galaxy S21 series.

The early launch of the OnePlus 9 will give OnePlus a big opportunity to compete with other flagship manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi and other Android device makers who usually release their devices around this time. However, we don’t have an official release date for the OnePlus 9 yet, so it remains to be seen.

As far as specs and more information about the OnePlus 9 are concerned, rumors are still few and far between. At the moment, we know that the OnePlus 9 is still in development and is codenamed “lemonade”. It is also worth expecting that the flagship will be equipped with the yet to be announced Snapdragon 875, which will be presented in December this year.

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