Moisture builds up in AirPods Max, affecting the normal operation of your headphones

Headphones cease to clearly identify when they are on the head and when they are removed!

New wireless on-ear headphones Apple AirPods Max, which are offered $549, of course, attracted attention. Many people think that the price is too high.

The first owners of Apple AirPods Max headphones shared their impressions of use, but we are not talking about the sound quality or the noise reduction system’s operation. Users claim that moisture builds up inside the headphones during use.

Allegedly, this is due to the too-tight fit of the headphones, as well as insufficient ventilation. Moreover, users claim that when this moisture accumulates, there may be problems with the device’s operation. For example, headphones no longer clearly detect when they are on the head and removed, thus controlling playback accordingly.

Regarding this issue, Apple previously stated that when you remove your AirPods Max, you must wipe the interior with a “soft, dry, lint-free cloth.”

Source: Mydrivers

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