Xiaomi has made a huge leap forward with the MIUI 12 update, and shell development is still ongoing as several Xiaomi devices have yet to receive the latest custom skin. Although MIUI 12 builds are regularly released in China for Xiaomi beta testers, new features will still take some time to appear in the stable version of the firmware. In addition, the latest features first became available specifically for Chinese versions of Xiaomi devices, further delaying the emergence of global options.

Now MIUI 12 for China has a new feature that dramatically improves the user experience. This is a device connection function that can smoothly switch audio between a Bluetooth connected device and a phone.

Basically, this means that users don’t have to turn off the Bluetooth speaker if they want to answer a call on their phone while playing music. A small but handy feature can be activated by opening additional Bluetooth settings and enabling the option “Notify about connections of Bluetooth devices”.

Once enabled, on the Select Audio Output Notifications page, users can choose between Default, This Device, Bluetooth (Media), and Bluetooth (Calls) as they see fit.

Since this feature is currently only available in the Chinese version of the shell, it may take some time for it to spread to the global version of MIUI 12, like other expected improvements

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