In less than a year, its market share has doubled.

NetMarketShare has published a new report on the global browser market. Perhaps the most important and exciting thing about it is the increase in the proprietary Microsoft Edge browser share. In October, it was 10.22%, while in September, it was noticeably less – 8.84%, and at the end of last year – even 5.6%. In general, Microsoft’s efforts to plant Edge in different ways (both through a separate update and through ads in the Start menu) are not in vain. However, one cannot exclude the fact that users liked the browser. In the end, it has the same base as Chrome.

Share of browsers in the PC segment. Left – data for September, right – for October

Chrome is still the most popular browser globally even though its share declined slightly in October – from 69.94% to 69.25%. Safari lost a little more: in September, its share was equal to 3.57%, and in October, it was already 3.4%. Interestingly, Internet Explorer gained a lot over the month: its share increased by 1.69%.

Share of browsers in the segment of mobile devices

Chrome also dominates mobile, with 68.23% of that segment. In second place with a share of 17.31% – Safari, in third – Samsung browser (7.01%). 

Source: ITHome

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