The program is only available in the United States and for devices using English.

Updates will be available to everyone at the end of 2021, but those who are testing Windows 11 through Windows Insider can try the program before that, writes CNBC, citing Microsoft.

You can go to chat from any Windows 11 screen by entering the Win-C keyboard shortcut. The program is also available on the taskbar. After the chat window opens, you can navigate to the Microsoft Teams app.

Windows 11 users will be able to send messages via Teams to those who do not use the program. The latter will receive a message by email or SMS. You can also sync contacts from Skype and Outlook.

At first, users can communicate only in individual and group chats, later it will be possible to organize voice and video calls, as well as other functions. For now, the program is only available in the United States for a limited number of users and in English only.


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