Microsoft has revealed a list of free games that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will receive in May. All projects launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and S for backward compatibility.

Armello (May 1 – May 31) for Xbox One brings together elements of RPG, strategy, and card tactics. The hero’s task is to seize the kingdom of Armello by any means and ascend the throne.

In the Dungeons 3 strategy (from May 16 to June 15) for Xbox One, the player creates a dungeon and recruits an army of evil forces (orcs, succubi, and zombies) to destroy the human kingdom.

LEGO Batman (May 1-15) for Xbox 360 is a LEGO action-adventure game where the villains of Arkham break free. Players in the role of Batman and Robin need to catch the criminals.

Tropico 4 (May 16 – May 31) for Xbox 360 is a satirical presidential simulator. The project needs to appoint ministers, build buildings, deal with the consequences of natural disasters, communicate with the leaders of superpowers, conduct trade and monitor the size of your offshore account.

Sony has yet to announce the list of May games that PS Plus subscribers will receive. According to the Areajugones portal, the selection will include Battlefield V and Stranded Deep for PS4. What project awaits PS5 owners has not yet been announced.


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