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macOS Big Sur Download VMDK File| Direct Links (2021 Update)

This post will guide you to quickly get macOS Big Sur Download VMDK from three different sources. The VMDK file format is specifically designed for virtualization. It allows users to quickly mount and install an operating system or upload and save for future use. Some examples of using the macOS Big Sur download file are installations for VirtualBox and VMware.

What is a VMDK file?

VMDK stands for Virtual Machine Disk. It is an open file format created by VMware, and VMDK is a standardized format specifically designed to be used in virtualized systems like VMware and Virtualbox. VMDK files contain all files needed for a single virtual network and can but used independently for testing. The file type is a popular choice for cloud computing. 

The VMDK format directly competes with Microsoft and its VHD format used in Hyper-V hypervisors and virtual servers. Besides VMWare and VirtualBox, other platforms the support this file type is Sun XVM and QEMU.

Background and Details

Before you begin the macOS Big Sur download, ensure you have enough space. The VMDK format for the macOS Big Sur download is one of the most significant releases to date. The macOS Big Sur download is exactly 12,653,568 KB (over 12GB). If you do not have enough disk space available right now, you can try saving a copy of it to a cloud platform like Google Drive or Mega. All links below have been tested and do not contain any viruses, malware, or anything fishy.

You can get the macOS Big Sur image file downloaded directly from Apple. The only issue is that it’s been released in DMG format. So, to use it in a virtualized setting, it must be converted using a tool, like Ampare, if you want a VMDK image. To save you from all the trouble and energy, we have operated with others to get the conversion performed and uploaded for effortless access.

There are different cloud hosts for each macOS Big Sur download. Depending on the nation you are in or your internet connection, you may notice one of the services more reliable than another.

macOS Big Sur Download VMDK File Links

Please Note: All image files are created only for educational purposes. We do not take responsibility for any misuse.

macOS Big Sur Download VMDK File via GEEKrar Forum (Mega)

macOS Big Sur Download VMDK File via NodeNinjas (Google Drive) TBA

macOS Big Sur Download VMDK File via Techrechard (MediaFire)

Download macOS Big Sur VMDK File for VMWare and Virtualbox

Helpful Tools & Methods

  • Fix Google Download Limit – If you are downloading from Google Drive and are receiving a ‘quota exceeded’ error, see this article to bypass it.
  • Mega Download Limit Bypass – This method helps free account users bypass the file size download limit. This post goes into detail with each step laid out so you can get the files you really need.
  • Mega Sync – Let’s you start and stop downloads as frequently as you like. Data retention is managed by a folder created on your PC for deleted files allowing you to restore them to the cloud only if needed. This app
  • works on all platforms.

Download macOS Big Sur ISO Image

We try our best to cover the three major images most users need when installing the operating system they choose on a virtual machine. By far the most popular format is the ISO file. Head over to this post, and you can find the ‘download macOS Big Sur ISO file’.

How to Install macOS Big Sur in VirtualBox Windows (2021)

If you just downloaded the downloaded macOS Big Sur image file and dont know what to do with it, we have created this guide. The guide will walk you through the installation step by step and there is also a video guide attached.



  1. I do not know what to do with this file. I added it as a hard drive to a MacOS VM but it says “The file specified is not a virtual disk”.


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