It looks like Microsoft is haunted by the fact that everyone has been talking about MacBooks lately, and the company has decided to blow them to smithereens in their new Surface Pro 7 commercial. Time was no exception, but I was more interested in what Microsoft chose as the Surface Pro 7 laptop’s advantages over Apple computers. The first failure was not long in coming: it turned out that Microsoft decided to compare their new laptop not with the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro on the M1, and not even with the previous 2020 models, but with the MacBook Pro, which did not yet have a physical Esc button.

MacBook Pro vs Surface Pro 7 comparison

I don’t know in what year Microsoft recorded this video – apparently, in 2018 or 2019. Otherwise, I cannot explain why the company paid attention to a physical Esc button in the Surface Pro 7 and its absence in the MacBook Pro. For reference – Apple started bringing back this button in late 2019 when it released the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Users were really not happy with the touch solution, and Cupertino went to meet them. In the future, Apple used only the physical Esc button: in the 2020 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and new models based on the M1 chip.

If you think this is not true, you can watch the video yourself. Microsoft really screwed up.

The video highlights that Surface Pro 7 has a full touchscreen, while the MacBook Pro only has a “small bar” supporting touch. Separately, Microsoft highlights that the Surface Pro 7 has a removable keyboard, while the MacBook Pro is stuck in the past with its regular Magic Keyboard. Strangely, they did not remember about the butterfly keyboard!

Surface Pro 7

Only the Surface Pro 7 has the versatility and portability of both a tablet and a laptop. With features like a touch screen, detachable keyboard and pen support, and enough power to run your favorite apps, you can work or play anywhere. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has everything you need to do what you love, says Microsoft.

Yes, the MacBook doesn’t have a touchscreen, you can’t argue with that. But rumours that MacBooks could become touch-sensitive have been around for a few years. Especially after Apple introduced the iPad: many immediately decided that now Cupertino would transfer the touch interface to their laptops. True, MacBooks never became touch-sensitive. Steve Jobs once said that such computers would constantly fall to the floor. Phil Schiller believed that users would not like this solution. In an interview, Jony Ive said that there are no Mac touchscreens, not because Apple cannot make them, but because it is not necessary. And only Craig Federighi mentioned “several experiments, of which none were convincing.”

Finally, the video says the Surface Pro 7 is “a much more advanced gaming device” than the MacBook Pro, and more affordable. And here again, they cannot but catch Microsoft. The Surface Pro 7 has a 12.3-inch display and actually starts at $ 750. But! Its base configuration offers 128GB of storage and just 4GB of RAM. For $ 2,299, a version with 1 TB of storage and 16 GB of RAM is already available. The MacBook Pro in the base with 8GB of pooled memory and 256GB of storage is more expensive ($ 1,299), but for the same $ 2,299 Apple already offers 2TB SSD 16GB of storage. So who else is “more accessible” here?

In general, it would be better if Microsoft released just a beautiful advertising video in the style of Apple or Samsung, with animations, bright colours and all this.

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