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Is the New iPhone Worth It for a Student?

It’s that time of your life again. Maybe, your current smartphone is just unbearable to use anymore. Maybe, its performance is no longer a match for most up-to-date apps. Maybe, it has met its end prematurely because of an accident.

Whatever your reasons are, you’re in need of a new phone. And you’re probably torn between the latest iPhone and all the other Apple or Android models (and other expenses like “do my homework for me” services). After all, such a device is a big investment, especially for a student. If the students are planning to start their business, they can look at the guide how to get an llc.

So, is the iPhone 12 worth being your next big investment?

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What Makes It Worth Your Money: 5 Perks

Plenty of reviewers have actually dubbed the latest iPhone model the best one to date, including CNN Underscored, TechRadar, and PCMag. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Advanced display

This is the first time a non-pro version comes with an OLED display. In practice, it means that images and videos will look brighter, sharper, and more detailed, compared to the good-old LED displays. The screen can also boast a larger resolution (2532×1170) and higher dpi (460).

  1. 5G support

This is arguably the biggest advantage. The latest model is the first Apple phone to support 5G networks. So, if you live in an area where there’s already a 5G network, this is your only Apple option to make the most out of its higher-than-ever download speed.

  1. Design improvements

The latest model is lighter, a bit smaller in dimensions, and more ergonomic overall. This makes it a pleasure to handle and use, with no tradeoff for the screen size. The iPhone 12 comes with the same screen size as its predecessor (6.1”). (There are also the mini (5.4”) and Pro Max (6.7”) versions.)

  1. Better low-light photos quality

This model comes with a dual-camera system, like its predecessor. But there’s been a significant improvement in the aperture (f/1.6 vs f/1.8 in the previous model). That means the camera can capture more light than before, making low-light photos better.

  1. Performance

You may not notice the difference right away if you switch to it from its immediate forerunner. But if your previous model was older, you’ll feel how much faster the latest one is. That’s all thanks to the A14 bionic chip and more RAM (6Gb vs 4Gb in the previous model).

What Might Make You Change Your Mind: 4 Downsides

Of course, there’s no perfect model out there – and the iPhone 12 isn’t an exception to this rule. Here are four tradeoffs you’ll be making:

  1. Shorter battery life

Compared to iPhone 11 Pro, there’s been a regression instead of an upgrade here. That’s mostly due to 5G – continuously using it eats away at the battery fast. Some users even reported a full battery couldn’t last a whole day. On average, expect to have one to two hours less screen time than with the previous model.

  1. No charger included

If you haven’t heard of Apple’s idea to reduce waste by no longer providing the charger, you’ve been living under a rock. Starting with this model, you’re in for a disappointment when you open the box. You’ll see only a Lightning-USB-C cable packed. Buying the charger is on you.

  1. No headphones, either

This is also the first phone to come with no headphones in the box. If you already have Bluetooth ones, this shouldn’t concern you. But if you’ve been the 3.5mm-jack kind of person up until now, you’ll have to cash in for them: there’s no 3.5mm jack anymore.

  1. Paying extra for 128GB storage

128GB base storage has become the de-facto standard for the industry over the past couple of years. This model, however, comes with 64GB by default. That may leave you struggling to balance the apps, photos and videos, and music. Increasing storage to 128GB will cost you an extra $50.

Source: Unsplash 

3 Factors to Consider Before Making Up Your Mind

So, should you get the latest iPhone? Well, it’s worth its price tag, but the final answer is still up to you and your particular situation. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to figure it out:

  1. Your budget

Yes, the main question is: ‘Can you afford it?’, ‘What’s your price range?’, ‘Are there any other big expenses coming your way (like tuition fees or laptop replacement)?’ Remember to be careful with taking another loan.

  1. Your needs and intended use

How are you going to use this new device? Are you going to take a lot of photos? Are you going to play games? Do you need the 5G download speed and if so, for what? (Pro tip: list all the features you want and sort them into two categories, “must-have” and “would-be-good-to-have”.)

  1. Desired device life

If you want your device to serve you long, that’s what Apple products are known for. When taken care of properly, an iPhone will make a great long-term investment for the next 2 to 5 years. (Some cheap Android models will start malfunctioning even before the two-year mark.)

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